Invasion from Inner Space

On the scale of fact versus fiction, where do you tend to linger? Before you automatically jump to the superiority of scientific based thought (Oh and I’m with you on that), consider that it also takes a leap of imagination to invent, to discover, to progress at all. The great milestones of change occurred because somebody was able to transform What Is to What Could Be.

For someone to reach a revolutionary hypothesis, there has to be an element of free thought – imagination – to discover the unknown and somehow tie it to the known. Without this wonderful ability to conceptualize, where might we be? Some will say dark ages; some will say working at IBM. I leave this to you to ponder.

Science Fiction writers impress me in their talent to organize the unknown into believable script. Elizabeth, too was able to consider other life forms in her works and Invasion is the perfect depiction of the unknown descending on our daily lives, we who are so blithely unaware of things that might exist, and yet we are taught do not exist. We are asked to suspend disbelief in order to absorb art and literature, and yet fantasy is the ultimate escape.

But is it? Are we escaping, or desperately searching for truth? We debate whether there is life beyond Earth, and yet the answer lies in our definition of what life is, what it could be. The key to finding the answer is usually in redefining the question, and this comes from your own ability to free yourself from common thought and imagine new possibilities.

Let unconventional wisdom invade your own inner space today. Look around your world as if you were a science fiction writer. Now what do you see?