Baja as a State of Mind

Baja California is the northwestern part of Mexico, bordered by the U.S. to the north and surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez. What we know as California today used to be “Alta California” as part of the Mexican territory. Although the formal borderline now separates the original California between two countries, the culture in Southern California strongly reflects the Mestizan flavors of life that has its roots throughout Mexican history, culture and food.

Baja is therefore a crucial part of the California food culture, and the recipes celebrate the good people south of the border as much as some of us who live to the north of it. From street tacos to trendy Latin recipes, you can get truly hooked on authentic Mexican cooking. Far beyond Baja, Latin flavors from all over Central and South America are as welcome in Southern California as the adventurous states of mind that yearn for the heat and festivity of equatorial dishes.

I believe that nothing is better for breakfast on a sunny vacation morning than a spicy breakfast and beer to begin the adventure.  As the day warms, and people fill the calles, you can experiment with street food while shopping and visiting cabanas. San Felipe is one of our favorite stops, but you don’t have to leave California to enjoy the spirit of Mexico alive right here in Southern California.

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