Cloudy Lemonade

This is so absolutely refreshing and perfect for hot poolside days, driving to the lake, or a welcome drink after sporting. This quick method removes the need to peel or juice lemons and is far more thirst quenching than traditional lemonade. This batch serves four but I suggest you make twice as much as you think you’ll need – it goes fast, especially if you add vodka.

4 cups chilled club soda
2 whole unwaxed lemons, cut into eighths
ΒΌ cup sugar
Ice cubes

Put the water, lemons and sugar into a blender to two batches, and blend until the mixture is pureed.Sieve the lemonade into a pitcher, pressing down into the sieve, and then serve the lemonade in tumblers filled with ice.


Add raspberries to the blender to create a beautiful pink lemonade. Vodka is always an option!

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