Surf and Sand

Highway 1, otherwise known as the Pacific Coast Highway, runs from Dana Point in Southern California to Mendocino County in the North. The Coast Highway offers a spectacular scenic route for those who are not in a big hurry. From beautiful fishing harbors to cliff-hanging views of waves crashing against the rocks, the drive can lead you through treacherously thick fog along narrow mountain sides, and then deliver you to the lazy sanctity of California’s most popular beaches.

Although surfing is what most people think of when California dreaming, the beach lifestyle reaches beyond the sand, to a youthful boardwalk culture as well as established Parrot Heads. Just as its unique interaction of street food with the flavors of the tropics, the easy pace of the coastal lifestyle is able to combine surfing, skating, bike cruising and Over-the-Line, with a laid-back approach to consumption. Great island-style party food and thirst quenchers help locals reinforce the promise of the endless summer.

As such, the Pacific Island culture adapts wonderfully to our mainland West Coast, and beach parties are a way of life both beach and bay side.  Fresh, tropical fruits are the sweet basis for beverages, marinades, and salsas infused with ethnic, spicy heat.

California Mai Tais     Tropical Fruit with Key Lime Sauce    Jamaican Beer-Can Chicken
Beach Rat Steak & Eggs
Grilled Lemon Scampi     Hula Pork Kabobs

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