Honey Jalapeno Wings

These are so good, but I’m so bad at paying attention to the grill at football games. Fortunately, it’s pretty hard to ruin these; all the ingredients are lovable and you can experiment with the ratios of hot, sweet, and tangy. I have myself changed this recipe over the years and an older version exists at the famous tailgate commissioner’s site. You can make them ahead of time or at the game. You can even substitute chicken nuggets for wings. The point is, they are very hard to mess up as long as you remember to make sure there is a final char from the grill as the finishing touch.

To give proper credit I must disclose that this combination if flavors was evolved from Tim Sullivan of Cilantro’s in Del Mar, California.

25 Jalapenos
1 ½ cup Sugar
1 ½ cup Brown Sugar
6 Tablespoons Water
4 cups Honey
½ cup White Wine Vinegar
¼ cup Orange Juice
¼ teaspoon Curry
1-2 cups Mustard
60 Chicken Wings or Drumettes

Before the Game: Roast (or boil) Jalapenos until tender, then blend with all ingredients except chicken in a blender or food processor. (You may have to do this in batches.) Marinate Chicken for at least an hour, the longer the better, in most of the sauce, saving some sauce for brushing during grilling.

At the Game: Grill until done. I don’t know how long since the men won’t let me near the grill anymore, but when they look done, that’s when you’re supposed to take them off the grill (apparently).

Even Better: I usually start the day before, marinate several hours, and then bake right in the marinade for 45 minutes at 400 degrees. After refrigerating overnight, the next day at the game you can throw them on the grill for a few minutes, brushing with saved marinade, just to get that great, caramelized finish.

Serves 10-12 as an appetizer.

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