Pan-Fried Red Snapper

As much fun as it is to cook and improvise meals in minimalistic camping fashion, nobody wants to spend the whole time slaving over a hot fire. So if you don’t want to miss out on all the extracurricular activities, my advice is to plan ahead as much as possible. Organization is the key. Pre-mix as much as possible in advance, and label bags and containers clearly. Either store meal ingredients together, or mark the meal for which it is intended. Example: “1B” would be Day 1 Breakfast. Use your own code, it doesn’t matter. Remember to pack your fixings in order of needed accessibility, so Day 1 isn’t on the bottom.This makes it easier to plan and execute the day’s meals, defrost on time, and correctly match marinades and seasonings. Do your project planning up front so that you can execute meals gracefully while still getting in on all the good times!

This is actually an excellent recipe for any fresh-caught fish, and tastes the best when eaten with good friends by a campfire. All seasonings are to taste.

50/50 mix Bread crumbs & flour
Salt & pepper to taste
Cajun seasoning with extra Cayenne
4 Red Snapper filets
Egg, beaten with a little water
Olive Oil
Fresh Lemon juice

Mix the bread crumbs, flour and seasonings together and sample with your finger. It should taste a little saltier than you would think it should, just a little. Dust the fish with the cornmeal, dredge the fish through the egg, and pat in the flour mixture; let sit while you heat the olive oil in a pan, preferably a cast-iron skillet over a medium campfire. When the oil is hot, fry the fish until golden on both sides and serve with the freshly squeezed lemon juice. Serves four lucky campers.

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