Free Will

If you’ve ever attended a workshop in which you were tasked with figuring out what your true values were, you may have been surprised at what you learned about yourself. It is one thing to generate an idealistic list of what should be important, but when it came to the ranking of your personal values, you had to figure out what was the most important, often making difficult decisions between freedom, family, and sometimes god. Continue reading

God and Santa

More than any other time of the year, Christmastime always seems to bring out those religious conversations, the kind that we are not normally faced with so blatantly during the other months. As controversial a topic as it is, perhaps the spirit of the season also allows us to be more charitable and tolerant toward others than we would normally be, giving way to disclosure usually only spoken in discreet code. Continue reading

Becoming the Center of the Universe

This begins my humble attempts to write about my mother’s drawings. I must disclose that my initial drafts were all about me, my perspectives, my thoughts…and really it was all I could do to keep from tearing my teeth out from the wretched boredom this generated.So then, I tried writing from what I imagined must have been Elizabeth’s intent, and while conjecture is often self-satisfying, my interpretation would most likely cause her spirit to dismiss me with an imperial wave of the hand. Off with her head, and all that. Continue reading